How to Create a DAB

If you are an Artist, you can create and list your artworks as DABs (digital artworks on blockhain). To find out more about what DABs are, read our Support article here.

Creating a DAB with an Algorand Wallet requires a minimum balance in your account. Algorand asks that you have 0.2 ALGO in your wallet per asset you have. This amount will not be withdrawn from your account. Algorand also has a minimal transaction fee of 0.001 ALGO per each minting.

To create a DAB, start by clicking on the blue + button and selecting Create DAB:

Connect your Wallet

If you haven’t connected your wallet yet, you will be asked to connect your wallet as the first step.

You can choose to connect your MyAlgo wallet, or connect Pera Wallet by choosing WalletConnect. To learn how to connect your wallet, visit the Support article here.

Once you have connected your wallet, you will proceed to the Mint step.


Mint your DAB

To mint in crypto terms is to create a new token on verification of data and creating new blocks. It is the point where your DAB is created as an asset on blockchain.

Important Tip: Any information that you enter to Mint your DAB cannot be changed later on, since it will enter blockchain permanently.

Here is the information you will need to enter to mint your DAB:

  • Artwork file: You can upload PNG, JPG, GIF or MP4 files, with a maximum of 5.0 MB to be your artwork visual.
  • Title of your Artwork: The title needs to be shorter than 32 characters to comply with Algorand’s smart contract rules.
  • Description: A description of your artwork to provide context for others.
  • Resale Royalty: You can enter a percentage of up to 12% for your resale royalty. You will receive this percentage of the sale price after each resale of your DAB in perpetuity.

This information is required to mint your DAB. You can also choose to enter information for:

  • Hashtags: Add hashtags to your artwork to be more easily discovered. Your name is entered as a hashtag by default from our system.

  • Shareholders: You can enter collaborators or anyone you would like to share the artwork proceeds with as a Shareholder. They will receive a percentage of the initial sale, and will also receive a percentage of the resale royalty in perpetuity.

    The percentage that they will receive from the resale will be the same as the initial percentage divide; i.e. if they were initially receiving 30% from the initial sale, you will also automatically share 30% of the resale royalty with them.

To enter a Shareholder, click on the Add button here, at the bottom of the minting page:

You will see an information box to enter individual shareholders. For each shareholder, enter their Wallet ID address and the percentage for their share.

After you have added a shareholder, you will see the summary as below. You can also choose to remove the shareholder or add more.

You can add as many shareholders as you want, as long as the total of the shares (including yours) add up to 100%.

If you are sure that this is all the information you want to proceed with, you can click Mint DAB to start minting. You will need to approve this step from your wallet of choice and might wait for a few seconds for the transaction to be completed.


If you are using MyAlgo, please make sure to have pop-ups enabled on your browser. Pera Wallet will ask you to sign the transaction from your mobile app, so if you are on Pera please make sure to simultaneously check your app.

On MyAlgo, you will see this pop-up:


Enter your password to sign the transaction in order to complete minting. Your account will be processed 0,001 ALGOs for this transaction.

After the transaction is completed, you will have successfully minted your DAB. Congratulations!

You can choose to View your DAB as an artwork, or go directly to listing. You can always choose to list later on by going to the artwork’s individual page.

If you are instead stuck on the minting screen, or see the screen below, there might be an error with the minting process.

If you find that you are stuck on this screen, you can go back to change the information you have entered. This error might be from:

  • The artwork title character limit, please make sure that your title is under 32 characters. Also check if there are any special characters that might not be read by the smart contract.
  • You might have insufficient funds. Please go back and add more ALGO funds to your account. You will need 0.2 ALGO in your wallet per asset you have.

List your DAB

Now that you have created your artwork on blockchain, you can choose to list it. You can continue the Create DAB process to list your DAB right away, or list later from the artwork page when you are ready.

Alternatively, to list from the artwork page, click the List DAB button here:

You will be redirected to the List step:

There are two types of listing methods on CollecteursX, Fixed Price or Auction.

If you select Fixed Price, buyers can directly purchase your DAB with the price you have entered, or make offers on your DAB for you to accept if you’d like to sell for the offered price.

If you select Auction, you will put your DAB up for bids for a selected amount of time. The highest bidder by the end of the auction duration will purchase the artwork.

Collecteurs will receive a 5% platform fee from each sale.

Fixed Price

If you choose to list your DAB with a fixed price, you will only need to enter the price that you would like to list your DAB for. You will also see a summary of all details below.

To continue listing with a fixed price, click on List DAB after you have added pricing information. You will once again be asked to sign transactions from your wallet. Again, please make sure to have pop-ups enabled for MyAlgo.

There are 4 steps to complete listing with a fixed price:

For each step, you will need be redirected to your wallet to confirm the transaction. You will need to enter your password for MyAlgo, or sign from your mobile app for Pera Wallet.


After completing these steps you will have successfully listed your DAB with a fixed price.




If you select Auction as your listing method, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Reserve Price: Here you will give the minimum amount a buyer needs to bid to start the auction.
  • Auction Duration: You can select from the options here to set a duration for your auction. The duration will start when the reserve price is met, and will run until the end of your selected duration.


Once you enter the required information and click List DAB, you will be redirected to your wallet to confirm the transaction. Again, you will need to sign multiple transactions to complete listing. You will need to enter your password for MyAlgo, or sign from your mobile app for Pera Wallet.


After completing these steps you will have successfully listed your DAB for auction.