[Collector] Editing Shared Collections

[Collector] Editing Shared Collections

With a Leading or an Established account, you can have additional users with individual profiles sharing your collection page. They will be able to add artworks, posts, collection boards, and edit artwork information and order. This article will explain what invited users can do to add and edit shared collection information.

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Adding Artworks to Shared Collection

You can add artworks to the shared collection by going to "Quick Add Artwork" via the + sign on your profile.

From the Quick Add Artwork page, you will need to select which collection you will be adding the artwork. The options will be your own collection page and the shared collection page.

Once you have selected the Shared Collection, the artwork you add will appear on the shared collection page.

For more information on how to Add Artworks, please visit our article on adding artworks here.


Editing Artwork Information for Shared Collections

You can edit any information on the artworks added to the shared collection by simply going on the collection page. Once you're on the collection page, you can click on any artwork and select either the edit button on the right side of the artwork page or toggle on the image to see the dropdown menu. You can then use the pen button to edit information. You can also use the bin button to delete any artwork from the collection.

If you'd like to change the Collection Board for any artwork, you can simply go into the artwork editing page and switch the collection board selection. Here you will see the pre-selected collection board:

To delete, just click on the X next to the board. From there you can make a selection of which collection board you would like to add the artwork to.


Adding Collection Boards to Shared Collections

To add a collection board to shared collections, you will need to click on the + sign again and select Collection Board.

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Creating Posts for Shared Collections

Similar to adding artworks and creating collection boards, you can click on the + sign to create a Post. To create a post for the shared collection, you can select which profile or collection to post as from this menu on the Add New Post page:

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