Connecting Your Wallet

To create, purchase or list a DAB, you will first need to connect your blockchain wallet. Since CollecteursX is built on the Algorand blockchain, you will need an Algorand compatible wallet. You can use one of these wallets to connect to CollecteursX:

  • MyAlgo Wallet
  • Pera Wallet

MyAlgo wallets are web-only, and are secured to be only used on your browser. Pera Wallet is currently mobile-only and downloadable as an app, and can be connected to CollecteursX through WalletConnect.

If you don’t currently have an Algorand compatible wallet, you can visit our Support article on how to set up a MyAlgo wallet.

If your wallet has been connected, you will see a green circle around your profile image on the header:

Where do I go to connect my wallet?

You will be asked to Connect your Wallet at the start of any of these actions:

If you are an Artist; from Create DAB or on any DAB purchase activities (Buy Now, Make Offer or Bid).

If you are a Collector; from any DAB purchase activities (Buy Now, Make Offer or Bid).

You will also need to have a wallet connected for re-listing DABs.

⇝ You will not need to connect your wallet at the start of every action after you have connected it once. If you have been inactive or logged out of your Collecteurs account, you might need to reconnect your wallet when you’re back.

How do I connect a MyAlgo wallet?

You will be greeted by a Connect your Wallet screen when you initiate any of the activities described above.

When connecting to your MyAlgo wallet, please make sure that you have pop-ups enabled on your browser.

To connect your MyAlgo wallet, select the My Algo option above. You will then receive a pop-up on your browser from MyAlgo, asking you to enter your password. Once you enter your password and select your account you will have successfully connected your MyAlgo wallet.

Important tip: If you have more than one account on your MyAlgo wallet, please click Manage your accounts and enter your password there to select the account you would like to connect to.


How do I connect a Pera Wallet?

If you have downloaded and created a Pera Wallet on your mobile device, you can connect it through the WalletConnect option. WalletConnect is a gateway to connect many blockchain wallets, including Pera.

After you click WalletConnect, you will see a QR code:

Log in to your Pera Wallet on your mobile device and scan the QR code on the browser with your camera after clicking on Scan in the app:

Sign the request on your Pera Wallet to successfully connect to CollecteursX.