How to set up a MyAlgo Wallet?

To be able to create, buy or sell DABs, you will need an Algorand compatible wallet. Setting up a blockchain wallet can be daunting, but it’s actually simpler than it appears. For CollecteursX, we recommend MyAlgo as the primary wallet. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to set up your MyAlgo wallet to use for CollecteursX.

Before we start, it’s very important to remember that each MyAlgo wallet is unique to a browser. That means you should create your wallet on the browser that you will be using. 


If you’re an artist and you want to receive lifetime royalties for you art, you’ll need a MyAlgo wallet to create DABs. Similarly, if you’re a collector, you would need a MyAlgo wallet to purchase DABs. Let’s say you found a DAB that you like, and want to place a bid, make an offer or directly buy it before anyone else does. You’ll need to create a wallet first.


1.Go to MyAlgo's website. Please make sure you read through their disclaimer and accept their terms to continue.


2. You will now be asked to create a password for your new wallet. Please choose a secure password that can’t easily be guessed.



4. Once you’ve set your password, you can create a new account associated with your wallet. Choose New Account from the next screen.


5. This next step is crucial. In order to set up your account and log in to your wallet, you need to copy and note down phrases that appear on the screen. Make sure you save this Mnemonic Phrase somewhere safe that you can access later on. Do not share your Mnemonic Phrase with anyone else.




6. You’ll now be asked to select the words in the correct order. Select the correct words and give your account a name.



Congratulations! You’re now the holder of a brand-new MyAlgo wallet. Make sure you copy down your wallet address and keep it somewhere safe. You can now buy the required amount of ALGO to create or buy DABs.


If you have any further questions or need any assistance, you can reach us at