[Artist] Adding Artwork

If you haven’t added any artwork to your boards yet, you can go ahead and add your artworks by clicking the blue + sign on your screen and selecting Artwork on the menu. Once you’re on the Add Artwork page you will see the information boxes to be filled out. The information on this page is the basic info we need to add your artwork to your boards. Adding more details through the Add More Details button will help you create a more comprehensive catalog.



Privacy Settings for Artworks

Under the image, you can see buttons for Private, Community, and Public. These are settings for how you can share your artwork on the Digital Museum. You can change these settings when you wish by going to Edit on individual artworks.



If you add an artwork to your board as Private, you can select the private option under the image. This way, only you can see the artwork on your Artist page. The artwork will not appear in the feed or in the Digital Museum.


If you select the Community option, the artwork will only appear to the users in the community. It won’t appear in google search results or anyone not logged into the platform.


If it is set to Public, it can be seen by anyone on our platform or on Google search results.

Adding Other Details

If you decide to add more details to your artwork entry, you will see these tabs on your page:

On Details, you can add the dimensions of the artwork you’re sharing. Some of the information on this page will not be visible to other users.

On Provenance, you can add who has acquired the piece, the date, and the certificate/receipt. This information is not visible to other users.

On Press/Exhibits you can give information about whether this artwork was exhibited or was featured in the press.


Editing and Deleting Artworks

If you wish to edit or delete the artwork you've added, you can click on the artwork, toggle on the image and see this menu pop up above the image:

You can click the pen button to edit and the bin button to delete your artwork.