[Gallery] Adding Artworks



Adding Artworks to Your Exhibition

You can add artworks to your exhibition through your exhibition board or through the blue + sign.

  • If you choose to add artwork through the blue + sign, you will need to select the name of the exhibition on the Quick Add Artwork page to add it to your exhibition.
  • If you choose to add artwork from your exhibition board you will see the options to Add, Edit or Delete on your exhibition board page. You can click Add to add artworks to this exhibition board.



On the Quick Add Artwork page, you can upload the image of the artwork and fill out the information boxes. You can add more than one image.

Allowed Image types: png, jpg, svg (TIFF Files are not allowed)



If you want to save an artwork to your inventory without making it visible, you can leave Exhibition field empty and the artwork will be added to your artwork and artist inventory but not be visible to others. Read more about your Artist Inventory here.

You can show the sale status of your artwork with the options under the image:



You can also add consignment and price information to your artwork and this information will be visible to you only.


This is the necessary information we need to add your artwork to your inventory, but adding more details will help you keep a more comprehensive catalog. You can choose to click Add More Details now or add them later.


Add More Details

If you decide to add more details to your artwork, you will see these four tabs:

Basic tab is for going back to the Quick Save information.

On Details, you can add the dimensions of the artwork you’re sharing. Some of the information on this page will not be visible to other users.

On Provenance, you can add where/whom you’ve acquired the piece from, the date and the certificate. This information is not visible to other users.

On Press/Exhibits, you can give information about whether this artwork was featured in any publications. You can choose to make this information visible or not.



Editing and Deleting Artworks

If you wish to edit or delete the artwork you've added, you can click on the artwork, toggle on the image and see this menu pop up above the image:

You can click the pen button to edit and the bin button to delete your artwork.