[Collector] Inviting Other Users to Your Collection

[Collector] Inviting Other Users to Your Collection


If you have a Curator or a Co-owner for your collection, you can invite them to your shared collection. They will be able to add artworks, collection boards, and posts to your collection.

Only Leading and Established Collectors can add other users to their collection. To read more about our Subscription Plans click here.


How to Invite Curators or Co-owners

If you want to invite Curators or Co-owners to your collection, you can do it through your Account Settings page. Click on the button to add users at the end of the Account tab of your settings page and you will see this box pop up:

Existing User

Existing User invitations are to invite Curators to your collection only. You can invite Co-owners through e-mail and they will need to set up an account.

To send an invitation to an existing user, search for their name under the User Name menu.

If you're a Platform Member have been invited to another collection, you can accept the invitation through your notifications. This will be on your Notifications box:


You can click Accept to be added to the collection.

Click here to read more about what you can do if you've been added to a collection as a curator.


E-mail Invitation

You can invite both Curators or Co-owners to our platform by entering their e-mail and information.

Make sure you specify their relation to your collection. Curator accounts and Co-owner accounts have different properties. Read more about them here.

These users will receive an e-mail invitation to set up an account on our platform.

If you have been invited to a collection via email, click here for help on how to register for an account.

You will have added these users to your collection once they have accepted your invitation.

Click here to read more about what you can do if you've been added to a collection as a co-owner.

Each collection can only have a maximum of 3 users sharing it.