[Gallery] Managing Your Inventory



Your Inventory

Galleries have their own personalized inventories as their profile page. Click on My Inventory on the top menu to see yours.

Your Inventory has four tabs, Artworks, Exhibitions, Posts, and Artists.



On this tab, you can see all the artworks you've added to your gallery inventory in one place. This is also visible to other users. Artworks without an exhibition won't be visible to other users. To learn more about how to add artworks, click here.


On this tab, you can see the exhibitions you've added to your Inventory.



How to Add an Exhibition

To add an exhibition to your Inventory, click on the blue + sign to see this menu:



Click on Exhibition and a new page will appear. Here you can add the details about your exhibition and the curatorial text. Click Create Exhibition to save. Now you will see a board under the Exhibitions tab. You can now add artworks to your exhibition.

If you want to edit or delete your exhibition board, you can go on your board page and select from these options:


Posts are a good way to give updates on your gallery or announce events. To make a post click on the blue + sign and select Post. You can also make a post from your Feed page.

Read more about how to make Posts here and more about your Feed here.



Other users looking at your page will not see the Artists tab. This is your Artist inventory, only for your archival use, where you can add artworks in your gallery catalog on our platform to keep track of your holdings. These artworks are automatically private, meaning other users will not be able to see these artworks on their feed or on our database.