What's Under the More Menu?



Clicking on More on the top menu will reveal a side menu, showing what you can browse on our platform.

Clicking on Feed will take you to your feed, where recently added artworks and posts will appear. To read more about your feed, click here.


  • The first selection is for the Digital Museum, our database of Collectors, Galleries, and Artworks.

You will see Collectors, Collections, Artworks, Conversations, Artists, Galleries, and Shared Anonymously categories on your More menu. Clicking on these titles will take you to our database of Collectors, Collections, Galleries, Artworks, Artists, and Anonymously added artworks. You can see accounts and artworks and follow users, artists, interact with them, like or comment on the artworks and see the Impact Meter.

Click here to see how to interact with users or artworks in our database.

Artworks Shared Anonymously will not appear in anyone's collection but under the Share Anonymously title under the More menu. Learn how to share artworks anonymously by clicking here.


  • The second selection is our Magazine, where you can read our interviews and articles. To read more about our Magazine, click here.


  • The third selection is the About Us section, covering our Mission and Features, among others. Browse through these titles to get acquainted with Collecteurs and what we do. You can also see Capsule Editions under this section. To learn more about Capsule Editions, read our article about them here.