Collector Accounts

[Collector] Managing Your Collection


Collecteurs gives you one of a kind collection management tools to categorize and organize your collection. Read this article to find out more about how to manage your collection.

When you create a Collector account on Collecteurs, your collection automatically gets added to your profile. Start by adding artworks to your Collection to share artworks with our community. Choose from our individual Artwork Privacy Settings to make artworks visible to the public, to our community-only, to you only by making it private, or share your artwork anonymously to remove information on ownership.

Learn more about how to Add an Artwork here, and on Artwork Privacy Settings here.

Why do I have separate Profile and Collection pages?

Your profile page will show all the artworks you’ve added and the posts you’ve made, while the Collection page will show artworks added by you and anyone else you’ve shared access to your collection with and other posts made under your collection. Users can follow you individually and will also follow your collection automatically.

Learn more about Shared Collections here.

Your Profile Page

Your Profile page as a Collector will show information on who you are and your collection. You can view your verification and accessioning status, view and edit your profile image, bio, your location, when you started collecting, a URL link to your collection, your organization name, your impact score, followed accounts and followers.

To learn more about how to edit your profile information, read our article on Account Settings here.

Learn more about what an Impact score is here.

All artworks added to your collection, by you or by your co-owner or curator will be visible on your profile, under the Artworks tab.

You will also be able to see Posts created by you on your profile, but will only see Posts created by your co-owner or curators on your Collection Page.

DABs that you have purchased will also be added automatically

You can filter your artworks according to artwork type (Artwork, DAB, and soon PAB), artists, medium and hashtags.

Your Collection Page

You can access your Collection page by clicking on your collection name from your Profile page. Your Collection page will include information on verification and accessioning status, Impact score, when your collection started, a URL link to your collection and profile links to you and your co-owner or curator if applicable. Here you can also see your collection’s followers and followed accounts.

On your Collection page you will again see two tabs, Artworks and Posts.

On the Artworks tab you will see each artwork on your collection, added by you or by anyone you share your collection with. You can filter which artworks you want to see based on categories such as artwork type, artists, medium and hashtags. You can also edit information on your Collection here.

If you are having trouble adding artworks, see our article on How to Add Artworks here.

Posts tab will show any posts you or anyone who has access to your collection (your co-owner or curators) have posted.

Learn more about how to create Posts here.