What is CollecteursX?

CollecteursX is a new marketplace by Collecteurs where artists, collectors, and galleries can offer and acquire digital artworks on the blockchain (DABs), also known as NFTs. We prioritize the story of the work—something that is too often left out of other platforms—by curating exhibitions, developing dialogue, and forging relationships around the works on CollecteursX.

The X stands for:
Exchange: Offer and acquire digital artworks on the blockchain (DABs)—also known as NFTs.
Exhibit: Show context with digital exhibitions across physical and digital works. Curated by you, seen by thousands.
Collaborate: Share the story of the art you love. Invite collectors, artists, curators, art workers, and galleries to broaden the dialogue and forge new relationships with your work.


  • CollecteursX allows any artist to mint and offer artworks on our digital blockchain. We then add context and story behind select pieces with exhibitions and accession them into our museum of private collections. 
  • Our system is built on the Algorand blockchain, a secure, cost-effective, and scalable network that uses pure proof-of-stake and Climatetrade carbon offsets. That means every digital work minted and acquired through CollecteursX is carbon-negative.
  • Collecteurs’ network of over 200,000 museum workers, curators, collectors, and writers  can seamlessly browse and research works on CollecteursX. Acquired digital artworks are then displayed alongside physical artworks that a collector owns.
  • A minimal gas fee to mint an artwork on CollecteursX’s Algorand blockchain drastically lowers the financial burden for artists minting new works. 
  • Smart contracts on CollecteursX allow artists to earn a percentage of royalties for any resale—or share them with those involved in the project, from galleries to collaborators to installation photographers—which means more money back into the hands of those who made it happen. 
  • Galleries can build profiles, curate exhibitions, and offer works to our community of collectors, advisors, and users. If works are acquired, galleries can ensure they and their artists receive fair resale compensation.


We need a wider bridge between the digital and physical art worlds.

With our museum of private collections, Collecteurs Academy, and past exhibitions like Félix and 1-31, Collecteurs has bridged the digital and physical art worlds since 2014. That’s because we believe the two need to work together to evolve past systems of institutionalized privilege and systemic class barriers that keep power in the hands of the generational wealthy. CollecteursX lets anyone curate, display, offer, and acquire art on the blockchain, which widens our bridge and better ensures everyone has an equitable chance to share art, ideas, and stories. 

We demand a carbon-negative alternative to blockchain technology.

The ecological damage of minting artworks on proof-of-work blockchains is no joke. Slow-minting with CollecteursX on Algorand’s Layer-2 proof-of-stake blockchain—that also purchases carbon offsets through Climatetrade—ensures artists have a carbon-negative alternative to access, invest in, and harness blockchain technology.

Too many platforms prioritize popularity and volume. We prioritize cultural impact. 

The popularity game has dominated the digital artwork market in the past few years, building bad press for inherently beneficial technology. CollecteursX instead platforms works with cultural impact through accessioned artists, collaborative exhibitions, and news that centers the story—not the price point.

​​​We were meant for this. 
​Collecteurs has always been a home for those who want to keep art public. With over 4,000 collections and 45,000 artworks archived and publicly accessible, we’ve been dedicated to digitizing artwork—and the ideas and stories they share—for over a decade. Building a dignified platform for digital artworks on the blockchain is our natural next step.